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This ritual must imperatively be performed on July 31st. All the hours are fine, EXCEPT SATURN HOURS. The most beneficial hours are that of : SUN and JUPITER.

Softwares like Lunarium which gives void course of the moon of three days are very excessive. It is the entry of the moon in the following sign which counts. Therefore, I repeat, one hour before the hour on the dot of the void moon and one hour afterwards, do not perform any ritual. Then, go ahead.

Manage your time if you want a maximum effect (solar hour).

However, I urgently suggest you to perform again this ritual next year for Lammas and to organize yourself this way. Because indeed, only the energies of Lammas allow such a release of negative. To such a point that we can consider this ritual, and I weigh my words, like a real exorcism.

I urge you to perform this ritual, to redo your commitement to Enki for the Enkistes already committed. And those who want to commit themselves can perform it also, they will benefit from the release of the unconscious negative forces. In this case, this ritual will replace the ritual of commitment to Enki, simplified or not.

• For this ritual you will only use the sigils of Enki. That of the GrailYou can also draw it yourself in black, blue or red on a beautiful golden background. Do something beautiful that makes you happy. So you remove with respect the sigils of the Gods Enlil, Utu-Shamash and Isis. If this really bothers you, put them next to the sigil of Enki.

 You will need one hour and half for this ritual. More for those who have time and want to stay longer with Enki.
Organize yourself not to be disturbed, by the children nor by the dogs, cats, etc... This ritual is very important, manage your time to be quiet or do not make anything.

 You will need solid candles. (Not white within preferably).
- 4 red for Enki.
- 4 yellow, blue or gold for the directions (not sky blue), one by direction of course.
- candles for your guide(s): A candle per guide in his/her favorite color.
Those who do not know the name of their guides neither their color of candles use gold, yellow, red or blue candles according your choice.

 Prepare a glass of wine or beer. As offerings: fruit, bread, cereal, etc.. Beware the offering must be fresh, unopened (!) and of good quality. Then you will return them (wine and offering) to nature.
 Take a shower before the ritual to relax, do your yoga before if you can.

 Arrange your altar as below. Put a yellow, blue, red or vanilla tablecloth. No greenish, mustard, etc.

Red Candles: Enki and directions.
Yellow candles: the guide(s) (here I put two)
Orange cups: the offerings

• At each direction : put the Grail sigil ( in French : coupe Enki)
 The prayer (in French : prière)
 Natal chart (in French : thème natal - it's only for those who made their chart with Caroline Bright)
Please add a blue candle for the Gods of Orion that I forgot on the diagram and place it next to or under the candles of the guide(s). You can also put it between those of Enki and the guides, do as you want.

 Do not put any usual image of Enki. Write his name and his title on a hardback page: EA ENKI in beautiful red, gold, blue letters. If you like drawing, you can place the letters in a blazing sun.

 Engrave his name EA on each red candle dedicated to him.

•  Print the prayer of the ritual or handwrite it. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING. You subscribe to it or not. Every word counts and has its raison d'être. Train yourself to read it aloud, without pushing because the magical evocations are sometimes read "backwards" and it is better not to stumble over. Your reading must be FLUID, easy, strong and very determined. This ritual is powerful, do not underestimate it.
 This time, to avoid any interference with the Evil ones, you must sign with a drop of blood. No saliva. Overcome your phobia of needles and other traumas of children. You can do this for Enki, isn't it!
 Think to pre-sign the prayer by hand with a red pen before the ritual. The signing of a small drop of blood "sanctifies" the entire ritual process.
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ THE RITUAL 

Start by lighting the 4 directions.
To the East, say: "Almighty Ea-Enki, my beloved Father, I call thee in this place, come, hear my call and spread all thy strength and all thy love in this place." 
Do the same for the North, West and South by repeating the same phrase each time.
Then light the 4 red candles for Enki, beginning from the right to the left.
For each candle say: "May this flame vibrate with all my love for thee. Glory to thee my beloved Father, glory to thee. "
Then light the candles for your guide(s) and say to each candle: "Almighty ...., My beloved Guide, come, hear my call and spread into this place all thy love and protection." 
Stay a moment before the altar. Visualize powerful blue flames going out of the 4 Grail sigils placed in each direction. That the Grail is lying or standing, visualize flames going out of the Grail, strong, intense and proudly erected toward the ceiling.
Now visualize the Name of Enki before the 4 red candles that ignite: the blue flame must be intense, spreading all over the altar, then across the room where you are and finally wrapping you entirely.
Take your time to do that.
Feel calm, connected, inhabited by the love of Enki, and above all perfectly safe.

• Now take your prayer printed and signed with a red pen.

Read with a clear and determined voice: 

"Almighty Ea-Enki, One and Only Father and Creator God of Humanity, Grand Cosmic God,

I come to bow before Thee, to tell Thee all my love, my respect and admiration. (Bow down) 
Because Thy Light and that of the Grand Solar God Marduk, thy beloved son, are the defeat of Evil, Infamy and Tyranny, I want before Thee, before my Guides, and all the Mighty Enkistes Gods of Orion solemnly affirm again what follows:
Almighty Ea-Enki, my adored Father, me ... (first name (s),  surname (only maiden name for women) and date of birth), I acknowlegde and recognize Thee forever as my one and only Father and Creator God because I am perfectly aware that Thy DNA vibrates within me since long ago. And I am proud  to be your noble child.
I acknowledge as only values in my life those that Thou honor since so many millennia, just and noble values: integrity, love, loyalty, joy, respect for life, courage, fortitude, freedom, shared knowledge, respect for one's word, truth and fairness.

To Thee I want to look like, through Thee I want to be taught, guided, loved, protected, accompanied.

So I renounce forever all the christian, jewish, muslim religions, I renounce the Holy Spirit, Buddhism, all philosophies, all schools of thought, their gods and spirits because they are not of Thee and of Thy sacred teaching. Worse, they are Thy enemies and those of Humanity.

I renounce forever the Evil, today and tomorrow, all what represents it, everything/everyone that/who serves it, everything/everyone that/who is submitted to it.

I renounce forever all the names attached to it whatsoever, from wherever they come, present and future.

I renounce forever all gods, all spirits, all souls, all divine, human, animal, fallen hierarchies submitted to it.

I renounce forever all thoughtforms that work for it. Yes, I renounce forever the Evil in all its forms.

(Now you will say strongly, determinedly the following with all the strength and power you are capable of  - be EXTREMELY authoritarian and directive) 

My adored Father, Almighty EA-Enki, I evoke and invoke here, in this place, within me and around me, Thy strength of warrior, Thy incommensurable strength to help me as in the following:

That all spells and evil spells cast upon me in the past or present leave me right away.

That any evil entity, any mistaken or reported belief that undermine my strength and undermine my life is now consumed.

That any evil, rude and vampirizing spirit is removed forever from my body, my soul and my mind.  That all evil leaves me right now and never comes back.

Get out of me, Anu-Jehovah-Jesus-Allah-Buddha, get out of me, you and your thousands of pseudonyms, I command you, get out of me on behalf of EA-ENKI, your Nemesis.

That your villainy never affects me again; false memories, false beliefs, misconceptions, misperceptions, illusions and lies.

Get out of me, cosmic filth, Anu-Jehovah-Jesus-Allah-Buddha, get out of me, you and your thousands of pseudonyms and keep at a distance of me, I say. Because I acknowledge here, in my life and in all those to come, only EA-ENKI as the one and only Father and Creator God.
To Him and ONLY Him, I entrust my life, my heart, my soul, my feelings, my strength, my pains and sorrows, to him ONLY because he created me,  because he loved me and still loves me, and continues to fight FOR ME, FOR MY FREEDOM, FOR MY SAFETY AGAINST YOU, your Dracos, your Greys, your IGF and all your cliques, since millennia.
Get out of me, cosmic filth, Anu-Jehovah-Jesus-Allah-Buddha, get out of me, you and your thousands of pseudonyms and keep at a distance, I say. Because upon me you do not have  influence anymore, nor power, nor ability. Helpless you are, powerless you remain forever because your time is now short.

(Say it with a powerful and strong determination)
That, at last, all the thoughtforms of the past or present, all vows that I consciously or unconsciously made and are now burdens because they slow me down, they alienate me and blind me, deplete and weaken me,  generate diseases and pains, are ruthlessly destroyed on behalf of my Almighty Ea-Enki.
And that finally, I stand upright, noble and proud, brave warrior, forever determined to be in control of my Life, of my Thoughts, my Choices, my Deeds, in all this always accompanied by the great wisdom of Ea-Enki.

(Those concerned, take your natal chart, look at it, locate Saturn, now you know the specific impact of this filth in your chart. So say:
(the others skip to the next paragraph "O Ea, my adored Father, Thou who has done so much for me, once again, I beseech Thee, answer my prayer ...))
I deny you any force, any authority upon me, malefic Saturn, cursed be you. May what you are, karma, sorrows and pains backfire on you and destroy you.

Keep at a distance away from me, I say. Because your slowness, your hindrances, your spells, your treachery, your illnesses, your injuries, your dangers, your guilt, your poverty, I renounce them forever, I close the door on them forever, through me never again, you will go. Keep at a distance from me, I tell you, on behalf of my Almighty Father Enki-Ea. Body, soul and mind, to you I close myself, so be it.
(Visualize an intense blue flame, strongly virulent arising from the center of your chart, and surrounding it completely. Visualize Saturn decreasing, diminishing, burning and becoming as a pinhead. It cannot  be completely erased because in life there is always a problem here or there. But you will release the worst. Visualize the flame with all your strength, be of an unfailing determination, feel involved in this act of liberation. The chart is fully fed with the blue flame. Hold the concentration for a moment. Then do it regularly as long as necessary).
Say: Ea-Enki my beloved Father, I beseech Thee, soothe Saturn, release the obstacles.
Ea-Enki, my beloved Father, I beseech Thee, move this malefic away from me, that its angers become  only short breaths, its cruelties nothing more than scratches, that its terrors become little surges.

O Ea, my adored Father, Thou who has done so much for me, once again, I beseech Thee, answer my prayer. Hear your child calling thee.

Because Thy Light and that of the Grand Solar God Marduk, thy beloved son, fight the Evil, they are also the Awakening and the sun's heat which protects, nourishes and heals.

O Ea, my beloved Father, Thou who has done so much for me, once again, I beseech Thee, answer my prayer. Hear your child calling you.

That my life, at last, opens to the authentic healing, to a steady and strong health.

That my life opens to the Light, Full Light, alive, vibrant, joyful, abundant.
That my life awakes to abundance, prosperity, good fortune and more love. A true love, a true love that elevates, that transmutes and feeds.
And that finally, by thy grace, every step I take is in Thine, guided by Thy example, inspired by Thy Work, guided by Thy Infinite Love.

Thou are the true Light of the World, of our World, of our Solar System, Thou, Father of the Sun, Father of Gods and Men, never walk away from me, O my Father.

As for me, I make the oath here to always keep Thy Presence within me, so precious, precious Grail, and will do everything to elevate myself to Thee.

Yes, my adored Father, here I make oath to always do the best for Thou as for me and to awaken each day more, the wonderful gift that Thou have put within all of us: Kundalini.

Before thy magnificence I bow deeply, my beloved Father and thank thee very much for Thy help and unfailing love. (Bow down)
I salute with great respect, admiration and affection all Thy Gods, OUR Gods, these wonderful  Enkistes Gods, brilliant, powerful, honest and brave who tirelessly work for the liberation of humanity and of the Earth. Glory to Them, that they be blessed. (Bow down)
May the Life bless thee a hundred thousand times, Almighty Ea-Enki, for all the good Thou do to me, for all the good Thou do to humanity and that forever thou are recognized, acknowledged, loved and glorified as thou deserve it!
Glory to thy splendor, Almighty Ea-Enki, forever inscribed in the memory of stars and rising suns !


 Sign IMPERATIVELY this prayer with your blood (only the first name or the initials if you have a  composed first name).
 Now say, "My Beloved Father, here is an offering of ... bread / cereals, fruits .... That they seal forever my relationship with Thou by their flavor, gifts of the earth and that they root this prayer. " 

 Take a glass of wine and say, "I drink a few drops of wine / beer to thy Glory and to that of all thy  mighty legions, my beloved Father, allmighty Ea-Enki! That the blood of the Earth rooted this prayer into its depths. "

Drink just a little.

• Now, ignite the prayer to the first candle lit for Enki. Let burn. (you have a small heat-proof container at hand!)

 Then, stay near Enki for a while. Feel what happens. Be attentive. You can also talk to Enki or remain silent. Do as you feel.

 Finally, when it's the right time for you, say in a loud and joyous voice: "I thank thee with all my heart, my adored Father, for thy so precious help and thy unfailing love. I love thee, my beloved Father, I love thee."
Bow down.

 Say with a joyful and strong voice :



The ritual is complete.
If you can, let the candles burn all the way. Watch out for animals, that they do not knock over the altar. And the curtains. Keep doors and windows closed. Otherwise extinguish the candles in reverse order, starting with the last lit.