Sunday, July 28, 2013

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Other names : Prajatî (Seigneur of Creatures)
Function : Creator
Consort : Saraswati
Guna : Rajas (dynamism and creation)
Sacred mount : the swan Hamsa or the migratory bird 
Symbol : the cross, plus sign 
Heads : 5 (4+1)
Physical localisation : Brain/pineal (cave of Brahma)
Color : red
Brahma is the aspect of Enki-Shiva associated with the infinite growth, the unlimited creativity.
If you want to understand our Gods and in particular the profound spiritual functioning of the history of our solar system, you have to keep in mind this fundamental point: the state of God, the state of a God/Goddess is bound to Creation, to HIS/HER Creation. There is not nowhere a god who is not a creator. Being a God means first and foremost to be a Creator. (Including creator of Evil).
Just as Life must organize her worlds so that they do not destroy each other by chaos, likewise any alive being, a fortiori the Human must organize his inner being, his inner space (emotions, feelings, choices, desires, needs, etc.) for only beginning to imagine one day to also become an Immortal.
That's why the entire teaching of our Gods teaching revolves around Kundalini which absorbs the "small mental" and finally releases the being from his false beliefs about himself, Life and the Gods. Organizing a harmonious, powerful and fearless inner space. Because nothing that is lasting can arise from chaos, mess and from any unnatural. Otherwise, it is self-destruction.
So Brahma has to structure and organize his creation and the Life of his "creatures". That is why it is grotesque and very demeaning to call here and there a Human born from a wonderful God, an "intestine with legs" or like some others, a "factory of shit." (Yes ...)
This is a very Anuist speech of which the goal is a constant depreciation of our race.
For sure, we have degenerated a lot, - we know why-, but it doesn't mean that we are "intestines" or factories of anything, we are a soul within a sacred temple, the body of flesh. Disparaging the body means to disparage the soul and its Creator: Enki-Shiva-Brahma.
Atman, the soul, the great soul is that of our Enki within us. We were born from Him and we are inhabited by Him. 
Therefore Brahma has for noble "function" to manifest the universe and its inhabitants. There,  is revealed the whole meaning of the "breath of Brahma (n)").
Brahma is a god of flesh. BrahmaN is the Life force, that we can not apprehend nor understand. In truth, it is the Grand Yin, the Great Mother, Life. This precision is given to avoid any error between the "two Brahma(n)."
The breath of Brahma on the exhale manifests its whole creation. It is called Manvatara.
The breath of Brahma on the inhale brings back its whole creation within, that it reabsorbed. It is called Pralaya or deep sleep.
Thus, the inhale and exhale, the day and the night, the ebb and flow, the act of giving and receiving, harmonize perfectly in a stable, reliable and serene world. Any imbalance in this inherent alternation of Life brings diseases, fears, phobias and other psychological disturbances.
Therefore, Enki-Brahma (on the left) infuses HIS Consciousness in each of his children. The Vedas tell us how this global manifestation is a huge labor. And this point is also crucial for us, Enkistes.
Because Enki-Brahma, OUR God, must make efforts to create.
Yes, Enki, himself, struggles, fights, and "sweats" his Creation.
Nothing comes without effort nor determined choice.
Those who believe they are "god" without accomplishment nor commitment nor perseverance, nor fortitude and nobility of soul should meditate on the very clear answer of Shiva in the Shiva Purana that totally corresponds to what is taught by our Gods on Loveenki.
In the face of the great work of Brahma in his gigantic task of SHAPING THE ENERGY OF LIFE, we access the notion of Desire, KAMA.
Without this inextinguishable desire to create, nothing would ever exist. Life would remain dark, dormant and undifferentiated.
It's the intense desire underlying every action, every project, every creation that require endurance and enthusiasm.
You know, this desire which must be denied, muzzled, destroyed like Buddhism explains, an other anuist filth. Yet, without desire for anything, everything dies. Life has no longer any choice but to return to the non-manifested.
Kama is one of the most powerful driving forces of our Gods and of any committed warrior. With just pride, Honour and courage.
In addition, any creation arises from a center, in reality the SELF. Because nothing is born of nothing.
In this allegory of Brahma, Enki teaches us not only the effort and the benefits of dynamism, of motion, ie RAJAS, but also the importance of PERSONAL POWER. And this power comes from the SELF, from ATMAN, the LIGHT within oneself. In the Self. The Lumiere is born from darkness, from silence, from the "non-manifested" which precede any creation. The creation is also the fact to bring to light, to recognize the Light, it's a glorious manifestation of Life.
Therefore one has to be very rich in reserves of light, and intense light, to create something as noble and resplendent in total adequacy with the great values of Enki-Shiva.
Thus we find at the source of any Creation:
  • the concentration,  
  • the creative sound 
  • the projection of thought and of breath of Life/Consciousness.
Has Brahma created our world for the Good? YES.
Has the Human been created good in substance? YES.
Because the "creature" as the creation PROFOUNDLY possess the energy of their Creator.
So it is easy to understand what kind of world and civilization prepare Enki-Shiva in comparison to the anuist one in which we currently survive.
Brahma creates with his OWN ESSENCE. So any creation born from Him carries his indelible, IMMORTAL imprint.
Many Hindus, "experts" in their religion, say that the Creation has a clear ultimate goal for its Creator and that it was not created for free.
This is correct. Marduk has clearly explained this to me and not only in this sense. Nothing is ever done for nothing, anywhere, and certainly not by Life and the Gods. Everything has a goal, an intent, a willpower which provides support to the energy for all the time of the Creation and of the shaping of the "project." Without this verifiable willpower, all will be dissolve by itself.
When our Gods create, including Enki of course, they create with ardor and impetuosity. They spare no effort. They are certainly in a state of profound concentration, but their energy is very lively, active, dynamic. And all these aspects are satellites, so to speak, of KAMA.
Thus in India, Kama, the Desire has become a full god, another aspect of Enki. (Right image)
By the way, you will notice how our society has hijacked the image of Kama - which besides evokes that of Rudra because of his bow - and has ridiculed him as Cupid, the "angel". Our Gods will have been ridiculed up into the smallest aspects of our lives.
Regarding the desire, Marduk gave me a final answer : "Whoever advances without desire, without interest in anyone nor anything, with no project nor creativity lives without destiny, without future and joined thereby the Hell of the Living Dead. "
This allegorical reflection of a god who "dies" for his creation, or rather while creating it, then reconstitutes himself is the very shoot of the myth of dismemberment of which I have already spoken. The Creation is born of sweat, blood, vital organs, head, limbs of the creator god, sometimes a giant or still an "angry" mother (in the "labor pains").
Obviously, this "reconstruction" was stolen to our Gods by Anu who turned it into the resurrection of the lizard.
And behind the desire ... PASSION. Another word stolen and corrupted by the Dracos into the "passion of Christ." Yes, they had to caricature this sacred word, bearer of an intense truth, of powerful commitment so that it becomes a caricature, a synonym of pain, even masochism, a destructive excess.
So become aware via this post, Enkist friends, of the TEMPERAMENT of our Goddesses and Gods and above all, of our wonderful Father who although calm is full of "passion" and love. For Him and for them, nothing can be said, done, created, promised, realized without intensity, without power, without strength nor passion.
Their ability to love is bottomless, but their contempt may be also.
They love with extreme and infinite passion, they hate the enemy in the same way.
Our Gods know to love for eternities. Otherwise, why would they still be faithful to us today, seeking to liberate us, to help us, to elevate us?? Abandoning us would have been so simple, so easy, so liberating for them too. Yes! No more worries, no more wars, just peace and relief.
But it's a fact, our Gods and our Enki, first and foremost, are passionates of Life, Truth and Freedom. It's better to never really disappoint them. Because in my eyes, there is nothing worse than the indifference of a God towards his creation or his child. Nothing worse. So grasp all the difference between the SACRIFICE in the point of view of our Gods which is equivalent to the OFFERING, and anuist sacrifice which gets lost in the confines of suffering. (carrying one's cross, life is a valley of tears, suffering leads to heaven, etc.).
Let's take a moment to consider this ANCESTRAL notion of sacrifice. The Gods love the offerings. When we make a ritual, we offer to our Enki not only candles, wine, food ... but above all our time, our energy, our fervor, our presence...
This, is the "sacrifice" : our attention, our love, our affection. The candle we light, the flowers that are put on the altar, the drawings, prayers, the letters written to the Gods, all this is "sacrifice."
Today, it is still possible to read in dictionaries the etymology of the word: sacrifice : offering to the deity. It goes without saying that this "offering to the deity" can UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES with Enki be an animal nor a human (!!!) as practiced by the cosmic filth. IN NO CASE. This is the most horrible and lowest sorcery of jehovah/allah.
Thus, when Enki fathered us, when he created our worlds, nourished, INHABITED with his sacred energy the planets, he converted all these noble acts of love to "cosmic sacrifices", as offering to Life. But also as offering to Life WITHIN US. The gift is a total give-receive. It equally implies both aspects, it is a fusion.
The self-sacrifice by the Gods are legions. And famous. I will only mention three.
  • Enki-Odin who sacrificed an eye to get the knowledge of Mimir.
  • Enki-Odin again, who, hung to the tree of life, 9 days and 9 nights, "gives birth" to the Runes then offered them to Humanity.
  • Thoth-Quetzalcoatl who set himself alight by plunging into a burning blaze in Meso-America to emerge stronger and more alive (hence the Phenix rising from the ashes) to the delight of his peoples.

This self-sacrifice until the extreme is the great glory of our Gods, their apotheose, their Truth as LIVING GODS, BEARERS OF LIFE.
Just some words, to conclude, on the 5 heads of Brahma. 4 symbolize the 4 directions, the 5th stands in the center. It goes without saying that I will return on all these aspects if I decide to study the Shiva Purana on line.
Meanwhile, I wish you a good reading! And ..