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Please read this post before the one below.
I emphasize the names "lucifer", "satan" and Enki.

Here is a very interesting text to read. The full text is here:
I give below in italics only the excerpt of which we shall talk, because the rest, local quarrels, quarrels for the dates and error of source are not our problem.

This text was written/quoted by Albert Pike, Grand Master of one of the most important American Freemasonry, based on "the Ancient Scottish Rite." This man, a lawyer, was very controversial because according to some people, he was one of the "judges" of the Ku Klux Klan even its founder and would have largely participated in the lynchings of Black Americans ... A "nice" person who is not with Enki, not with Enki AT ALL!

What is too much here is the presence of Lucifer and of Satan in this Masonic text. All the anuist deceit, wickedness and fraud are revealed here: keeping in the same "basket", so to speak, incompatible points of view and succeeding in making you believe they are "twins." Except that here the "twins" are not Lucifer and Satan but the link between Lucifer and Freemasonry, Satan and Freemasonry. Sowing confusion because Enki is the one and unique grand cosmic rebel, but he is not Satan nor Lucifer, the fallen archangel. Because, indeed, if Enki is the great rebel, he is not "satan". And if he is the Light Bearer, he is not "lucifer". Here, there is mixture.

This is essential to assimilate if, later, you want to decipher the deceitful websites and articles. Who is who, who did or does what, under which name and why are the basics.

ALL the occult brotherhoods were initiated by our Gods, without any exception. Except none of them did work under the aegis of Enki and our Gods, because they were bound. So they were instantly and systematically infiltrated by Anu. Yet they never gave up and persevered. Only the Templars, before being infiltrated and destroyed from the inside, acted a little in the name of Enki.

For the Freemasonry, it is the same. The idea comes from Enki. But Amon told me "we had not yet finished to contact our faithful humans on Earth, that the lizards had already infiltrated the temple." Thus, the enkistes brotherhoods, with very few exceptions, were all "stillborn."

However, for some, the original initiation remained. In any case for the Freemasons, although today they do not know of which "Lucifer," they speak. Our Enki-Ptah-Shiva-Satya, is the original source of the movement. But he was very soon replaced by Anu. Anu whose impersonation is proverbial. He only knows to do that. Acting in the name of, on behalf of, under the name of. So, Anu became the "lucifer" of the Freemasons and then the  "satan" of the fools of the sects "skull and bones",  bohemians and ilk, then the "moloch/mammon" of whom one wants. But they are names emptied of their true and noble substance or in perfect harmony with their infamy. Anu plays a role play in some way in order to better deceive. A substitution of identity, I insist: an USURPATION. Besides more than an impersonation, THIS IS AN USURPATION OF ATTRIBUTES, OF QUALITIES AND OF FACTS!

But, of course - gradually over the millennia the Achilles heel of Anu was set up - by dint of "wanting to appear as true as possible", he was obliged to let say, to let write and to let repeat some TRUTHS. Truths that are REAL and AUTHENTIC. So we have the pleasure for some, the surprise for others to read this:

"Lucifer God of Light and God of Good, fighting for humanity against Adonay, God of Darkness and God of Evil..."

Adonai is one of the many pseudonyms of Anu and his filthy thoughtform Jehovah. And Lucifer was wrongly attributed to Enki although he is "god of light", because in truth, Lucifer is a Roman god and therefore recent. This is the mess in which we have to struggle. I repeat for the newcomers: Lucifer IS NOT Enki, but were GIVEN to Lucifer the QUALITIES OF GOODNESS AND OF LIGHT OF ENKI.

Once this truth is affirmed, yes Enki is the sole bearer of light, because he is our GOD and creator-father, the usual confusion between Enki, Lucifer (the light) and Satan (the rebel) arises.

Sure, the Satan of the Christians, I already wrote a hundred times, with horns and red skin, never existed except in the minds of the insane monks of the Inquisition sold to "jehovah ". Or more accurately, this devil IS JEHOVAH who plays both roles in the bible. Not to say ALL THE ROLES. And has a lot of fun. To add to the confusion, Anu made sure to separate the two names, here Lucifer, "Satan" there, just like in 2001, years before joining Enki, I did this also when I wrote my first book. To me, Satan was the dark side of Lucifer, but a same being, like the two sides of the same coin, in brief, I was also in the mess. However, this mess makes sense when finally we work with Enki.

I know what I'm trying to explain here is very complicated because Enki is and is not at the same time this "Lucifer" and this "Satan." These names, these mixtures were decided and commanded by Anu in order to do harm to his son.It was easy to say at the same time that Enki was the "bearer of light" because he was the first to achieve enlightenment and also "rebel" because he always opposed his "father" and his project to enslave Humanity and to limit any life to the madness of a "unique god", the "One", the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent One" , in a word, a spiritual communism with an intellectual orthodoxy, cloned, leveled, submitted.

As usual with Anu, this strategy allows to make up good freemasons and bad freemasons, exactly like today we have the good jews and the bad zionists. But where will go the good jews when will come the time to choose, the huge part will choose Anu. Their DNA is programmed for this. And do they have any choice? Only few of them have the consciousness and above all the necessary genetic mutation in order to REALIZE who is really Anu and so to join Enki.

Therefore, Anu loves concocting "good" currents and "bad" currents within a people, a community, a brotherhood, a country, a nation. Then OPPOSING THEM. 

He likes this very much :

1 -  this tactic deceives and fools everyone; each one believes false stories about the other. What logically generates many erroneous conclusions, hatred and resentment.

2 - this diverts those who think they are outside the conflict from any vigilance, or this increases it to such an extent that this vigilance turns to paranoia and becomes a pathology. Here again, the consequences will be suffering, shame, judgment, internment in a mental institution even a killing. And most importantly, the discredit of the one who nevertheless tells the truth. In all scenarios, Anu won. So he manipulates all sides, sets everyone against everyone, including among his own people, and when the time comes, he always plays his cards right in his macabre game.

It is essential to understand this point: Anu has always been there when it was about deceiving us in order to keep under his control the unfortunate humans we have become.

"What, you are afraid of Jehovah, Gentile people, this is too far away from your true father Enki? Never mind, I shall provide  Jesus, all love, all sacrificed. What, is it too much? You prefer something more warlike?  Never mind, here is Allah! What, you would rather not believe in anything and be free from all religions? Never mind, here is Marx, the communism, Mao, etc, etc, who you want, ask and you shall receive ...What? Finally, you prefer Lucifer? Here is the updated freemasonry! No? You want black magic, ok I shall give you "satan", I shall utilize it because it originates from Satya, the name of Enki, the Eternal Truth, and I shall turn this name and this truth that he bears since too long into infamy, into infamous witchcraft, into cruelty, into horror ! hey, hey, hey. This will make him suffer. This will hurt him while I shall have fun ! What, you are afrait of witchcraft? Never mind, here is the new age, the angels and the unconditionnel love...."

Do you follow me online friends?????

Anyone who is not with Enki is with Anu by default, regardless of their beliefs as I have already explained a hundred times : at the time of death, if the sigil of Enki is not in the aura of the being, the soul is taken by Anu or "goes underground in the astral. The commitment is everything because it AUTOMATICALLY removes the soul from the anuist egregore. 

Thus, we find traces of "Lucifer" and "Satan" in the brotherhoods, especially freemasonry, full of enkist symbols which were all corrupted but very present for the uninitiated who does not understand anything to what happens.

I will let you read the text below that is very interesting about the way that any truth is shown, drastically buried under heaps of lies, of inversions and of reversals of meanings.

Eventually, I will comment in yellow non italic.

"It was reported to us that a Lodge in Genoa was unconscious enough to display in a public manifestation a banner with : Glory to Satan! In Milan, Freemasons brothers, in a feast, performed and sang a hymn to Satan. From Spain, it was made to us a tribute with a poetry signed by Brother Bartrina, poetry of which text follows: (in spanish)
Certainly, these verses are animated by a generous breath, but they are in direct opposition to the masonic orthodoxy.
The misguided ones who glorify Satan consider, in general, that the God of the priests failed in keeping his alleged promises to humanity, and in the presence of the desertion of this God, they call the devil. Such is the system of the Goetia, which is an aberration, which is demonomania.

Yes, the goetia is an insulting and blasphemous excess of the key of solomon. The goetia is a hebrew practice, but it relates to our Gods, to the use of their sacred names, of their sacred sigils, of their attributions, of their truth, once again hijacked and corrupted, ENCIRCLED, judaized. You understand why I always speak of  the "goetia" with quotes. Read my article explaining this point.

Is there a devil? - The priests say: Yes. - We answer: No.
What is the devil? - It is, say the priests, the prince of angels who rebelled against God by pride, and, who having been defeated by the archangel Michael, was, for his punishment, thrown into hell, where he is sentenced to burn eternally with other angels, his accomplices, who became demons, and those of the humans who did not live according the law of the priests.
However, this sacerdotal legend is an infamous falsehood and our brothers who glorify Satan only end up to really consecrate the deception and to awkwardly harm us in the opinion of the ignorant multitude. 

Indeed, this story of Satan, fallen angel is the biggest load of rubbish in the history of Christianity. It is also associated with Lucifer to add to the mess. There is no deus inversus. THE TRUE DEVIL IS JEHOVAH, INCLUDING THAT OF THE BIBLE. THIS SATAN IS JEHOVAH.

On the other hand, there is indeed a SATYA, ETERNAL TRUTH, our Enki, whose name was deviated by Anu into "satan" associated with evil. In fact, when Anu speaks of this "absolute evil, satan," he speaks of himself. Anu is the NWO, the Evil and the "EMPIRE".

That is why we condemn, with the most formal manner, the doctrine of Satanism, which is a divagation likely to play in the hands of the priests. The satanists Freemasons give, without suspecting it, weapons against Freemasonry.
What we must say to the masses is: - We worship a God, but it is the God that one adores without superstition.
To you, Grand Inspectors General Sovereign, we say, in order that  you repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees: - The Masonic religion should be, by all of us initiated of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine .
Because the God Lucifer of modern theurgy is not the demon Satan of the ancient goetia. We are Optimistic Re-Theurgists, and not practitioners of black magic.

the  mere word THEURGY is an insult to Enki. Theurgy is the worship of "angels" and a jehovahiste magic excess, period. Look at what is knowingly introduced by the anuist Freemasons behind the name Lucifer. To make things clear, and brief : lucifer and satan are names that have been given to Enki. He endured them during a long period, because they allowed him to find again many of his children (enkist souls) who were misled. Now just a few months away from Satya Yuga, each must take back his names and attributes.

Lucifer is a Roman god who has nothing to do with Enki. This "roman" Lucifer  is not either Lucifer, the "fallen angel". 

Satan is Jehovah. 

Enki is Ea - Ptah - Satya - Shiva. 

Lucifer (roman god of agriculture) is in the middle of something that is not his story. of course, it is up to make know or not. But this is not our story nor our problem, us, Enkistes. So we have nothing to do with Lucifer. Satan in the sense of Jehovah is the Absolute Evil. Let's run away!. 

Enki-Ea-Ptah-Shiva-Satya is the Father and the Creator God of Humanity. 

The priests, by making up Satan, created the witches, their bloody sacrifices of the Middle Ages, their mad meetings, their criminal and horrible conventicles of ghouls and striges. But there are two magic: the luminous magic and the dark magic. It is true that the priests, when they had omnipotence, persecuted the magi of wisdom as the magi of madness, burned the Templars, our fathers, as well as the sorcerers, forgetting that the latter, without them, would never have existed. 

Good example of mess. The Templars were with Enki at the beginning, they were infiltrated and then slaughtered and the massacre was organized by Philippe le Bel who was under Anu's command,  just like ALL the states and monarchies since 4000 years, and blamed on Satan, that's the last straw! (which means blamed on Satya. I hope you follow me online friends, because I know that this big magical mess between "satan", Satya, the adversary of the Bible, and the true adversary of Anu creates a lot of confusion.)

Indeed, the priests of the Inquisition are sick sheep who indiscriminately murdered and tortured.
And, indeed, there are two magic, that of Ea-Enki and that of Anu-Jehovah, this is beyond any doubt!
So realize this mess ! If we are not taught by our guides, how to find one's way around? 

The creative magic of the demon, this magic that dictated the Grimoire of Pope Honorius, the Enchiridion of Leon III, the exorcisms of the Catholic Church, the indictments of Laubardemont, the sentences of Torquemada, this magic is not ours; this horror, this madness, with its train of turpitudes and nightmare, this is the papal Rome which must bear the responsibility.

Yes, this is correct. "Demons" is the corrupted term of DAEMON which meant "benevolent entity" and was, at times, attributed to our Gods. Later, the Egyptian gods, OUR GODS were called "demons", in particular via the key of solomon and their filthy magic was passed on to the "initiated" and the "people" by Aleister Crowley and ilk ... Our  Gods, first Enki, HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH DEMONS. The true demons are the Greys, the Angels of Anu and all the myriad of species of lizards, from the largest to the smallest!

It was begotten by Adonai, the slanderer of Lucifer. In his rage against his eternal and magnanimous antagonist, the God of Evil overturned the notion of holy things to the men, He denied the divinity of the Father of Good and called him Evil. He wanted to crush reason under the feet of the blind credulity. He has corrupted the meaning of everything, he brought his chaos up to the logic of words. Hypocrisy was transformed by him in holiness; the vice in virtue; the lies in truth; the caprice and the arbitrariness in justice; the divagation and the faith in the absurdness in theological science. The night has dared to call the night day; darkness, the light; license, liberty; error philosophy. The pride, that claims to be infallible and is confined in the darkness of its illogical and unnatural dogmas, the great pride had the cynicism to call pride the humble reason that doubts, that believes only when it is sure, that makes a statement only when the factual evidence has been irrevocably given by science;  yes, Adonai and his priests have thrown into the heaven of our God all the sludges of their impudence, describing as proud the reasonable intelligence, which seeks the solution of major problems, which constantly works to find a new discovery, which is always insatiable for truth.
If Lucifer were not God, Adonai, whose acts attest cruelty, perfidy and hatred of man, barbarism, repulsion for science, if Lucifer were not God, would Adonai and his priests slander him?

BRAVO! BRAVO! WELL DONE ! Here is UNVEILED the whole strategy of Anu-Jehovah-Yahweh-El-Adonai-El Shaddai-Tzabbaoth and ilk. We deal here with the fundamental strategy of Anu, "I accuse the innocent of all the horror that I am and especially my son Enki, god of the solar system, god of the Earth god of the human race, the  first to achieve Illumination and thus the Immortality of the flesh, I hate him and I am eaten up with jealousy when I look at him, spits Anu.Therefore I plan the ACCUSATORY INVERSION. I want to do justice to Hervé Ryssen. Regardless of whether or not one subscribes to his words, he is the first to have used this expression and the most  basic integrity is to give to its author his expression! So, getting back to Anu, he accuses his son of everything he is, of everything he has done and of everything he will do, he accuses his son of his own miserable infamy.

Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also God. Because the eternal law is that there is no glory without darkness, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black; because the absolute can only exist by two, because darkness are necessary to the light in order to act as a foil, like the pedestal is necessary to the statue, like the brake to the locomotive. 

NO, Lucifer is not "god". This is actually about a cosmic conflict between the Noble Son (Ea-Enki) and the infamous "father" (Anu-Jehovah). This goes far beyond a story of darkness that gives rise to the light. All the website explains this. The conflict has already started on Nibiru. Read this post which explains the basics of the story well BEFORE the human race was created. Our creation has only added to the fury of Anu AGAINST ENKI! (not yet translated)

In analogic and universal dynamic, one only takes support on what resists. So the universe is balanced by two forces which maintain it in equilibrium: the force that attracts and that which repels. These two forces exist in physics, philosophy and religion. And the scientific reality of the divine dualism is demonstrated by the phenomena of polarity and by the universal law of sympathies and antipathies. This is why the intelligent disciples of Zoroaster, and after them the Gnostics, the Manicheans, the Templars have admitted, as the only logical metaphysical conception, the system of the two divine principles fighting each other since all eternity, and we can not believe that one is weaker than the other in strength. 


The Life is inhabited by the YIN and the YANG. By A PRIORI incompatible elements such as the Water and the Fire or the Air and the Earth but which meet and mate through their container, the Earth or via the manifestation of water of fire or Igneous water, to give only this example.

Even predation in Nature IS NOT evil, but logic regulation of any healthy eco-system. The only disgusting and unnatural thing for Life is the CONSTANT AND USELESS EXCESS. 

Anu has made of PREDATION a systematism. He has become THE PREDATION AGAINST THE LIFE ITSELF by willing to exterminate a whole race: ours. But also a whole planet, ours, with all its eco-system. As he already did on other planets, for example, by stealing the initial fire of Shani, to which he substituted the great malefic Saturn. 

Be careful to this kind of claptrap: the energies can be opposite but any opposition contains in itself a strong complementarity. The Life always finds means to unify the opposites in a new Life. I will come back on this but beware. Do not say, yeah ... No, there's nott here a matter of "yeah." This is FALSE.

Everything ALWAYS converges. Even if the paths are diverted or opposed, everything ALWAYS converges, don't forget it. Life is ONE and MULTIPLE at the same time. She continuously converges to the Top. Rising, always progressing. 

Therefore, the doctrine of Satanism is a heresy; and the true and pure philosophical religion is the belief in Lucifer, equal to Adonai, but Lucifer, God of Light and God of Good, struggling for humanity against Adonay, God Darkness and God of Evil ....

The heresy is Freemasonry, base of the Illuminati and of the anuist Infamy, among other things. Enki does recognize them as his enemies. The true God of Light is called Ea-Enki. He is WRONGLY called LUCIFER! He is not Lucifer. He is EA, the father of Humanity, great Cosmic Being. 

.....Grand Orient of Charleston, on the fourteenth day of the fifth month of the year 000,889 of the True Light (July 14, 1889 CE). ALBERT PIKE, 33rd.