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Anu and Enki, 
when the "father" doesn't stand the nobility of the son - 
after the Lost Book, the following events


1st part

Maybe, Internet friends, do you wonder why I say that Anu is the god of the Bible and of the other monotheistic religions and how I will demonstrate it.

Once more, I draw your attention on the fact that you have to leave aside the inescapable memory engrams that we all of us carry within us. The impact of the judeo-christian world is much more present in our consciousness and unconsciousness than we think, even for the atheists. There is a major risk to miss the truth and to attribute to a god, what is in fact the deed of another one.

The confusion that reigns on the Internet is skilfully kept in place by those who want to lose us on dead end roads in order to take us back to the starting point: the Bible. Many go round in circles and looked for nothing. Indeed, how important is it that Anu is Yahvé or whatever if we don't accept the consequences IN OUR PRESENT? And, for example, that we continue to believe that jesus died on the cross to save (!!!) Humanity?


"Look how much I suffered for you, it's your turn to carry the owe me that poor, submitted, lambs... ".
Jesus never existed. It is only a powerful thoughtform fed and sustained by prayers, tears and sacrifices. Nothing else.
So, if you read this website keeping in mind that : 
jesus is love.

you love to suffer because you will go to heaven.

Enlil is jehovah.

Ea and his heroes are reptilians.

Extraterrestrials do not exist. Only Humans exist because we are unique and perfect.

The bible is the truth, an historic and holy book which prevails over any pragmatic approach as over scientific evidences,.....frankly, you took the wrong road.
Don't waste your time any longer, and rush to read again the gospels.

Now, if you consider that :

The concept of scapegoat is as old as the world ; if one wants to drown one's dog, one first accuses it of having rabies
This world, only dedicated to dirty money and filthy power, has become unbearable.

We should have the right to think and to say what we want without being judged.

Obviously, we are not alone in the universe, Life exists elsewhere.

Maybe, Evil is not where we thought and is hidden under finest things.

The concept of Mirror, the fact of accusing the other of what one is and does, is a reality. (accusatory inversion)

....So, you are welcomed.

And we will work with two valuable tools


common sense

A common sense grounded on a honest analysis of facts, not on proselytism. Anyone who is commited to Enki knows that He doesn't like to push anyone for faith or inner feeling. If you honestly follow your heart, you will know if you are ready to "meet" Enki or not. In any case, my website is only aimed to people whose consciousness is open to other realities. But of course, everybody moves forward at one's own pace. Do what you feel true for you.

  Let us return to the Sumerian tablets, in which it is about Anu.

First of all, Enki hides many things to his Father and his brother Enlil.  God Enlil is often associated with Jehova on the Internet or with Yahveh. No. Enlil IS NOT Jehova. And even less Yahvé. Yahvé/Jehovah are pseudonyms, code names, thoughtforms. Behind all these "divine" names always hides the same entity : Anu who became crazy.
Enlil was repressive with us, irascible and often impatient with our reactions thanks to the encouragements of his father, but later he chose the good side, the one of freedom and the right to Life.
Anu pursues his fight against us with a clearly pathological sourness. He rallied behind him all the extraterrestrials who are opposed to a free universe where each one could express one's own creativity and decide of one's own choices. So, all the Zeta-Reticuli, Greys, Pleiadians, Cassiopaeans, Sirians and above all the Saurians from the constellation Draco are under his control. They are the Galactic Federation. David Icke or Anton Parks say some true things, as many other authors but they make very serious mistakes when they attribute the vile crimes commited against us to innocents, and so they play in the hands of the enemy in a large scale because of their large audience and their books sold in large numbers. Yes, Anu has a strong interest in  spreading confusion, lies and a constant mirror effect (accusatory inversion).
Ea has never been a saurian/reptilian from all his eternity.  He is an Anunnaki, a Nordic as we say today. We have been created in his image and in his resemblance.
On the other hand, his father Anu has teamed up with these hideous creatures who have dirty customs, in order to destroy Enki, his legions and his Human children. Hence this confusion on identities of each one. And we find statuettes in Egypt, as a warning left by our Gods.
And these horrible images are shockingly associated with our wonderful Gods, with our wonderful Goddesses.
These ugly things as their cold heart ARE NOT Anunnakis !!!! But saurians in the pay of Anu. These statuettes are exhibited in the Louvre Museum and are not a hoax or a fancy of the mind !

Let's be clear
The dirty work has to be done. Stooges, cold-hearted things, conscienceless, with no compassion, who like murder, rape and blood. Vampires, ticks, parasites, that once they are hooked onto you, your soul, your consciousness, slowly but surely destroy you, without your knowledge, draining the life energy out of you, bringing bad luck, isolating you, making you depressed.  What is happening on Earth today is because of these extraterrestrials, evil and cruel "gods", who are destroying our planet, planning pains, cataclysms and epidemics. The whole, on behalf of Anu and at his demand.
Enki and his Legions, who returned to Orion, are fighting them.

Substantive issue : Why, if Enki and his Legions are so powerful, they did lose the war and thus the Earth?
First of all, the war is far from being over in the astral of the earth. It is even now that it begins and at the end of 2012, the veil of illusion will begin to tear. More and more Human beings will recognize their true Father and will join Him. The Truth will become clear. Enki only lost one battle. Since then, know that our Gods, Enki and his Legions won the war against Anu in their world. It's now crucial that this great victory arrives in our dimension, on Earth. It's about  space-time. 
Let's ask the question in a different way  : Why, if Enki and his Legions are so powerful, did they lose one battle against Anu and thus the Earth ?
There are three answers to your question:
The attack did not look like Star Wars at the beginning ! The enemy seeped into, little by little, via traitors which are in all families, that they are human or divine. Furthermore, the attack was made against Enki BY HIS OWN FATHER! Enki was astounded by the dreadful attacks on Human beings, via the Floods of any kind and the organized massacres of innocents.
Let me clear (again) :) : when you want to know the future, you connect yourself and read the history of the past and then the future which is being "weaved" in front of your eyes.. The talented people do that. Enki knew the future, otherwise he would never have written The Lost Book. Remember (lost book of Enki - page 12) 
"lt is my wish to record the true course of the events,  to let gods and men alike know that my hands are clean"
Enki and his Legions lost a battle BECAUSE OF THEIR BASIC QUALITIES. ENKI HAS A PROFOUND RESPECT FOR LIFE AND HATES PROSELYTISM. If like Anu and his clique, you do not threaten peoples with tortures and horrible deaths, you do not persist at all costs in convincing them by violence and humiliation  that your world view is the only one which is permitted, then you are in a position of weakness in comparison with the galactic murderers who stop at nothing to establish their illegitimacy and injustice on Earth. Yes, Enki has a deep love for us. His loyalty is total. Remember, in the Lost Book, when Ninoursag, combining the DNA of the first Lulu, Adama, with that of the surrogate mothers, recited in the presence of Enki and his son Ningishzidda ( Thot). 
"To a unity shall the two essences, one of Heaven, one of Earth together be brought, that which is of Earth and that which is from Nibiru by a blood kinship shall be bonded !"
During the 4000 years when the massacre raged on Earth, never Enki sent whoever to oblige us to make something or to go against our own nature. Human beings, initiates, masters and other ones were afraid. Of course, they fought, but after the Inquisition, they gave in to the anuïstes troops and so, gave up. Enki understood and is not angry at us for these choices. The Human beings were not any more themselves, too damaged, too broken by the Saurians, they eventually forgot their true Father and "accept" the anuïstes brainwashes. Enki did not establish his own inquisition, his own horrors to drag us back to Him. He wants that we come back to  Him by choice, by love, by  joy. Not under duress.
I already referred to the importance of the blood in magic rites, in particular in  "binding rites", in other words, in uniting rites : love, commitment towards a God, etc. As it's often believed, it is not about selling one's soul to the devil  or to the holy spirit, which, believe me, is not holy at all, but it's about the presence of DNA in the blood of the person..
Hence the simplistic legend of selling one's soul to the devil. The human ego cannot embark the soul in anything. Unless the soul also makes one's commitment. And there is no devil "in the catholic meaning", with red skin and threatening horns. But the ABSOLUTE EVIL exists. Its name is Anu.
So this commitment taken by these three Great Gods, "To a unity shall the two essences, one of Heaven, one of Earth together be brought, that which is of Earth and that which is from Nibiru by a blood kinship shall be bonded !" (Enki and Thot are committed by their only presence), cannot be broken. The only thing we can notice today, in light of the facts, is that it had been more just to say "To a unity shall the two essences, one of Heaven, one of Earth together be brought, that which is of Earth and that which is from the ANNUNAKIS by a blood kinship shall be bonded !"
Because it is exactly what occurs. These Anunnaki, those who follow Enki,  are OUR TRUE FAMILY. Their descendants are half even three quarter human. WE BECAME THEM. OUR SOUL CARRIES THEIR INDELIBLE MARK. 
Shortly before the Flood, God Enlil, one more time angry against Enki who still pleads our case with Ninoursag, tells him: (Lost Book of Enki, 9th tablet, page 212 and 213)
"Let the Earthling for the abominations perish, so dit Enlil proclaim. 
A wonderous Being by us was created, by us saved it must be, Enki to Enlil shouted. 
To this Enlil with his own shouted words retorted : 
From the very beginning, at every turn, the decisions by you modified were ! 
To Primitive Workers procréating you gave, to them Knowing you endowed !
The powers of the Creator of All into your hands you have taken, Thereafter even that by abominations you fouled. 
With fornication Adapa you conceived, Understanding to his line you gave ! 
His offspring to the heavens you have taken, our Wisdom with them you shared ! 
Every rule you have broken, decisions and command you ignored 
Because of you by a Civilized Earthling brother a brother murdered 
Because of Marduk your son the Igigi like him with Earthlings intermarried. 
Who is lordly from Nibiru, to whom the Earth alone belongs, to no one is no longer know ! 
Enough ! Enough ! to all that I say. The abominations cannot continue ! ..... (Enki says) 
The floodwaters I cannot arrest, the Earthlings multitudes I cannot save. (Says Enlil) 
To what oath to bind me you therefore desire ? so did Enki his brother ask. 
To let it all happen as if by fate decreed, let it as Enlil's Decision be known, 
On Enlil alone let the responsibility forever rest ! So dit Enki to all pronounce. Then Enki from the assembly departed ; Marduk with him also left".
This passage is crucial for the understanding of our History but also for that of the mind-set of the Nibiruans of whom Enlil was part of. Don't forget, in his defense, that Enlil is part of the military. Authority, command are his usual language. Furthermore, his words, throughout The Lost Book, are not unmeaning. Nevertheless, you can see here the state of mind of both sides. Enki on one side, Enlil on the other one. And keep in mind that many facts and misdeeds attributed to Enlil were in reality committed by Anu and his mephitic creatures.
Note in the confrontation between both brothers, two fundamental points:
A - For Enlil, the Human Race is abomination because she does not proceed from the slow and natural evolution. Immediately made then fathered by a very powerful God, -Enki-, she receives right from the beginning an inheritance which the angels themselves have never benefited, hence their hatred for us. So, destroying her is not a sin but only a coming back to normal.
B - For Enki, the creator is responsible for his creation. Hence his commitment with us, his protection and his continuous fight  to save us. Moreover this is something that he often repeats "the responsibility to the responsible" and he includes himself when he says that. For me, the first characteristic of Enki, is the RIGHTEOUSNESS.
And still
A - For Enlil, all the hatred poured out on Marduk (war of pyramids, nuclear missiles on Babylon etc.) originates from there: he set a bad example when he officially took as a spouse, a Human Female. He loved her, he chose her. It is the noble and brave act which was commented and condemned on Nibiru because it disgusted Anu. But the fact of quoting here Marduk in his conflict with Enki (by Enlil) speaks volumes about the family atmosphere at that time. Besides, the Igigis acted in the same way . These Igigis are the ones who will join Enki because their family is Human. They will secede. But the other Igigis, those who did not mate with Humans, will become the Angels dedicated to Anu, - those whom the Human beings named  "angels"-, are in reality the Observers, the Spies.
(In the book of Kabaleb, the only one about the Kabbalah telling some truths, he wrote : "the angels ran to repeat everything to "God", because they hated Humanity and refused to serve her". He also wrote the most "beautiful" truth: "EVIL COMES FROM BINAH", in other words Saturn, Cronos, Jehova, Anu.
To sum up : in fact in 99 per cent of all cases, whoever had Human children followed Enki.)

Here, Enlil defends the position of his father, Anu. He uses the same arguments again and again : an impure spawn is brought in heaven. An impure spawn (impure because human) is taught, even worse, Enki gave her intelligence, understanding, memory, and worse still, a soul and so the capacity of becoming a God. Soul means also kundalini.
Today, Enki passes down the Opus Magnum, Immortality to his faithful. Enlil who joined Enki for a long time, apparently got used to the fact. Furthermore, let's not forget the irony of Life, because Enlil took a Human female as spouse, Sud, and had children of mixed descent.
B - Note Enki's wrath, his refusal to pledge silence demanded by the gods. They know Enki who is rebel and rebellious. They suspect that he will warn the Human beings of the imminence of the Flood. That in any case, he will do, involving his son Ninargal for driving the submarine which will save enough Human beings, animals and plants so that the Earth will again be reborn.
Let's note that this Flood is not of natural causes nor either, as I too often read on the Internet, the fact of Enlil. Enlil was very tough with us, but he did not provoke a Flood to destroy us. They were deliberately "produced" by Anu and his clique. It is easy for these powerful beings to manipulate the Primordial Elements in order to provoke cataclysms. Some  of this technology were later given to the Americans, faithful servants of Anu, under the name we know today as HAARP.
It is easy to understand now why Nibiru is not a "friendly" planet, but a danger for us. Enki and his Gods weave an energy protection all around the planet. (Refer to the post  The truth about Nibiru).
The fight rages in the astral. Enki will not let destroy the Earth and especially not her inhabitants. Because Anu has no doubt about the determination of his elder son, he throws on the Earth all the possible epidemics and pollution. And tries, because of the hatred between peoples and countries, to trigger an atomic war which would let to Enki, a dry and desolate earth, a Humanity, for the survivors, condemned to genetic degeneration.
You can understand now why Enki was called "demon and devil" by his own family. For the conservative Nibirians, Enki is plague, cholera and Ebola virus all together. He must be destroyed. From this came his "nickname"  SATAN  in the sense of the OPPONENT, the ADVERSARY. An opponent who has to be brought down at all costs and us with Him because we are his children. Because for Anu, the TRUTH which represents Enki, the SATYA, is an abomination. The Truth can only be his ADVERSARY. Here is the great fight in Heavens, great cosmic fight, the Father against the Son, Anu-Yahvé-Jehovah against Enki, so-called "Satan" (while the true satan is anu-jehovah). Don't forget that in this cosmic war, Anu teamed up with the dregs of the Universe, the Saurians. Cold blooded, a machine instead of a heart, no consciousness, they are our worst enemies.
  Another essential aspect in the words of Enlil is the mention of mixed race .
Let's resume : "Who is lordly from Nibiru, to whom the Earth alone belongs, to no one is no longer known ".
It reminds us what Enlil said to Enki still in the 9th tablet:
"... Enlil with anger was seized : before, the Earthlings like us were becoming. Now we as Earthlings have become to this planet imprisoned ! This whole mission to a nightmare turned, by Enki and his Earthlings from master, slaves we were made !"
In other words, "in the beginning the Earthlings learned from us, they were becoming like us. Now, it's us who are becoming like them, furthermore trapped in this planet. This nightmare is because of Enki who made becoming these Earthlings so important that now we have to serve them."
So you can notice one more time the feelings and mindset of Anu via Enlil towards Enki and us. For Anu and his clique, Enki is the cause of everything. For that reason, appeared in the mind of Nibirians to subdue planet Earth, to destroy Humanity, keeping the Earth for them. Evidently, for Anu and his Council of that time, the Earth is under the authority of Nibiru. This is shown by a remark of Anu about the "intergalactic" contacts with our planet. Maybe it was not said in that sense at that time, but now in the light of what is happening on Earth, what to think ?  page 100 of the Lost Book, 4th tablet:
"Way stations from Nibiru to Earth to establish, all the Sun's family in one kingdom to encompass !"
(in other words, all the planets of our solar system will form one kingdom)
Since then we know  the "deal" between Anu and the Saurians : "destroy the immense majority of Human beings, make of the survivors harmless slaves and in exchange, you will keep the Earth". A great gift for the Lizards who had already destroyed their own constellation and were roaming in the space.

As long as we remained "good children under control", Anu tolerated our existence. Certainly, the will of the "God of All" (the LIFE) was that the Anunnakis, - called  "Messengers, Guides ..." -, accompany the Human beings towards the progress while giving us the Earth.  And to let the Human beings governing the Human beings.
Remember : Galzu (soul-consciousness of Enki), the saved Human Race (Sapiens-sapiens), the seeds and plants thanks to Enki - and Ninoursag who helped him, enable to quickly feed the survivors ...
As long as the Earth remained a bucolic place where everyone knew his place, Anu cooled his disapproval. But when the Human Beings, very close to the Gods who were at that moment living on Earth,  began to open their chakras, walking towards their own divinity, rising their Kundalini. That the Brotherhoods were created ! And that the Gods went in person to teach in the Temples ! Marduk and especially Nabu (" Thot of Babylon "), and also Enki!
Things changed. The dominant position of Nibiru was endangered ! The race of Nibirians, at least their supremacy also! And who was responsible for all that disaster ? Of course, Enki, this indomitable first-born, unamenable to any discipline right after the race was created then fathered. A smart race, quick to progress, full of  dedication... It was a complete disaster. Anu had nightmares, he saw himself being thrown out of his throne by these humans. He believed to be in danger because of this race, he knows he is in danger because of this damned race fathered by this determined son who became Prince of the Earth.  A Prince of Earth who, via his malefic progeny, will spread the Darkness upon Nibiru. Because his DNA is within them. Anu became mad.
So Anu summoned his Council. And Anu ordered Enki to destroy right away his malefic progeny : the Human beings.
And Enki said no. Then the Father turned against the Son and swore to destroy his human children, by all means, at all costs. 
Since 4000 years the state of our planet is the consequence of the madness of only one being : Anu. Mad with rage, overwhelmed with an inextricable paranoia, his honor lost as soon as he teamed up with the Saurians, we are paying the price of his malignity. And Enki also. Much more than we could ever imagine.
You can easily understand my emotion when I suddenly saw, understood, found that :
EA-ENKI and his Legions are our Ancient Gods, our Atlante (from Atlantis) Gods, our Indian, Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek Gods, who were and are still called devils, demons, monsters so that Humanity turns away from them.
Yes, they are the so-called Demons, Devils, Evil Ones. 
Anu, in his great malignity, has succeeded up to now to make believe the Human beings that Ea-Enki-Shiva-Ptah-Prometheus-Satya is the Absolute Evil,  the Absolute Dread  so that at the only evocation of his name Humanity flees away to take refuge to Jesus, so-called so good, so benevolent. But when Humanity flees to jesus, in fact she runs away towards Anu. 
That you pray to Allah, Jehovah or Jesus, you constantly feed the same vortex of energy: that of Anu.
Everything is perfectly planned and impacts all the spheres of action: technological, medical, politico-social, cultural, educational, obviously religious and the movie industry.
Look at the horror or science fiction movies with their subliminal messages:
Being in contact with the invisible worlds, kills. At best, one ends possessed, mad or criminal.

Trying to know the why of things, kills. It is better not to know. When we open the door, we cannot close it any more.

The psychic abilities kill or put in danger your family, your friends and yourself.

But yes. That is what Anu wants:

Let's take the Human beings away from any real and practical esoteric approach. That they can never free themselves. That they are never strong and powerful.
Then, let's prepare them for the supreme enslavement : let's make beautiful science fiction movies with cute extraterrestrials, affectionate greys who hold hands and take you in their beautiful spaceships, full of light and colors. And above all, let's keep silent about what happens next, as to be dissected or decerebrated or carrying hybrids.
In the same vein, once created the story of jesus, born, dead and resuscitated to save us (from what?), it was necessary to write a solid fable capable to last a long time, and above all capable to put the blame of  all the ignominies committed in the past and future on the same scapegoats : our Ancient  Gods . In particular, the Bible is a perfect shield for Anu and his clique.
When certain truths begin to secretly circulate via science fiction movies and now the Internet, they hurry to denounce these truths themselves in broad daylight but by "little bits", they sow confusions and uneases to manipulate them, control them and then ridicule them. By doing this, they protect themselves from any too disturbing investigation.
AN EXAMPLE : for some time now, some experts assert that the Middle Ages never existed. And others say that is the reason for the disorder in our chronology ! Yes, our chronology has been truncated and falsified. But it's surprising that, by chance, it's this period which is supposed to never have existed ? Believing this, confirming it, including tomorrow in the schoolbooks of our children, ERASED THE UNEQUALLED GENOCIDE OF THE INQUISITION, ERASED THE MURDERS OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH committed with an incredible cruelty against all those who believed in Enki, in our Gods, called  "heathen" by the same murderers ! Against all those who knew the use of healing plants and the power of magic !
Supporting the idea of a non-existent Middle Ages absolves the Church of the worst, unqualifiable, inexpiable of its murders, erases them for ever. What a great "marketing" operation that is leading Anu at the moment !!!
Anu and his clique play and win on all fronts, acting on all sides, opposing or complicit, allied or adverse in order to sow discord everywhere. Then, they put one of their puppet on the political stage who brings the solution  and becomes the new hero of the hour.
The best example is the V series , this story of lizards who invade the planet. Pffft, who would believe such nonsense in one's daily life ? Of course, nobody. It's only science fiction to entertain souls in search of strange sensations. And such is the goal. Whoever  will denounce this invasion today as being true and proven since 4000 years will be called crazy, ridiculed and in many countries including France, confined in a mental institution.
Certainly, Anu still takes care of our psyche: at the end of the series the lizards run away and we return victorious at home... Numerous testimonies of high-ranking officers of the NASA and the secret services confirm too much this to only be roars of laughter. The Saurians are among us since approximately 4000 years and control the Earth. The V series, which by chance was "remade" in 2009, aims to demystify the concept of Saurians, to make it ludic and harmless": it is only about imagination and frenzy of scriptwriters and that's it.
Another more malicious example is the Stargate series in which we are relentlessly told that Amon-Râ is a nasty lizard whose unique purpose, unique dream is to reduce Humanity to a pile of ashes ! Marduk! This great God, so good and generous who gave to Humanity the acupuncture, the Chinese Medicine, the Yoga Bön and the Feng Shui to the Tibetans, this Great God, first-born of Enki, proud and noble warrior, a reptile ? To my knowledge,  he was the only God, who defeated Anu in Babylon. That's why his Babylon, so prosperous, welcoming, with a high spiritual elevation became the big prostitute in this damned bible, the symbol of immorality and debauchery. Marduk, magnificent Amon-Râ, who chose his love for Sarpanit rather than power, an insane megalomaniac ? 
The common sense answers these accusations. Accusations of television series, sensational movies you will tell me, but because they are repeated  year after year, they instill in the unconscious of the most loyal viewers of the series this kind of stupidities and above all, injustices.
Another way of acting of Anu - do not forget that it plays on all fronts-, is to use the Internet to gather people with the aim of establishing a world of peace and love. It's like another kind of new age mouvement. While you blissfully subscribe to get a better world, you stop thinking, asking questions and consequently resisting the sad reality of this world. You bury your critical mind and decide to gel with a group, in other words to imprison yourself in Anu's immense detention center. As long as you wander from a communion to another one, from a dream to another one, you play in the hands of Anu. He wants that you don't think straight, you are not clear in your mind. Of course, every person with common sense prefers the dialogue to the war, the peace to the chaos. Me too, I want a peaceful Earth and the end of massacres.
Anu knows this, that's why he sent us Jesus after Jehovah. A poisonous balsam after hatred and blood. That each person chooses what one wants, but always under his control is what matters for him. That you are with the New-Age,  orthodox jew or practising or agnostic catholic or pacifist muslim, he doesn't care since you do not fight against his interests, since you work, bring in money to the big families of this world (always the same ones) who are under his control, SINCE YOU STAY QUIET AND ASK NO QUESTION.
The trend "Internet-All-love" is his newest thing. Subscribe, subscribe, he shouts, be very pacifist, nice little lambs which will be eaten alive, poor lab rats... Nevertheless, we have still on Earth a lot of proofs (everything cannot be destroyed or inverted) that only the collective illusion in which we are plunged prevents us from thinking straight. Let's read some excerpts of the Bible, with as backstory the events of the Lost Book of Enki. Then arise some strange things. 
The prohibitions of the bible and the gospels, - which under their sugary and generous appearance are worse than the old testament, are directly tied to Anu's FATE : any pleasure of the flesh or sexual freedom are forbidden : no "fornication", no sexual life out of wedlock, no sex for sex (we only make love to get children), no sexual differences tolerated as homosexuality, etc.
Now, in the 4th tablet of the Lost Book of Enki, we are told that Anu is emasculated by Alalu during single combat. Strange that all the monotheistic religions that were all created by Anu (all his divine names are pseudonyms, "commercial names", because religion brings in a lot of money, in particular with the judeo-christian) forbid us what he cannot enjoy anymore. Besides, you can link this with the repetitive myths of the "father"-god, emasculated and made sterile.
Let's read together : Lost Book of Enki - Zécharia Sitchin - Ed Bear and Co - page 94

"Thus did Alalu Anu and the decision challenge. 
Without words was Anu in the beginning then with anger he spoke up :
By a second wrestling let our dispute be decided, let us the wrestling do here, let us do it now !
With disdain Alalu took off his clothing ; likewise did Anu unrobe.
In nakedness did the two royals begin to grapple, a mighty struggle it was.
Alalu bent his knee, to the ground Alalu fell.
Anu on the chest of Alalu with his foot pressed down, victory in the wrestling thereby declaring.
by wrestling the decision was made. I am the king, to Nibiru Alalu shall not return !
So was Anu saying as he removed his foot from the fallen Alalu.
Up as a lightning Alalu from the ground arose. By the legs Anu he pulled down.
His mouth was wide open, swiftly he the malehood of Anu bit off, the malehood of Anu did Alalu swallow !
In pained agony did Anu a cry to the heavens shout ; to the ground wounded he fell.
Enki to the fallen Anu rushed, Enlil the laughing Alalu captive held".

We can think the state of Anu after such a disaster. Not only physical but psychological. Farther in the text, Anu tells Alalu, during his trial: "My malehood you bit off and swallowed, my offspring line to discontinue ! " It is necessary to be many, to have many children, especially sons, it is important to establish his power by being the leader of a powerful clan. We have from now on Anu who is frustrated, bitter, irascible and weakened by "the impossibility of any new descent ".
It is important to keep this sad event in mind. Why ? When Enki gave to Humanity the capacity of reproduction, she quickly multiplied. Think what Anu can feel, now that he is an eunuch, in front of such a proliferation, while he cannot reproduce anymore himself ! And the deep jealousy he developed towards Enki whose uncountable descent and his marked taste for sex ceaselessly leads him to his incapability of doing the same!
Another side of Anu is his entrenched grudge as consequence beyond what might be considered reasonable. Punishments are disproportionate, even if in The Lost Book, he still shows mercy but this will not last.
Let's remember " Ninoursag case":
Although Ninmah, later named Ninoursag, (Ninursag) half sister of Ea-Enki was promised to him, she had a fondness for Enlil, who also charmed her. They had an affair which gave birth to Ninourta (Ninurta), child born out of wedlock. When Anu was told about her pregnancy, he got angry. And as punishment he decreed that his daughter would remain forever a "forbidden spouse", who will never get married, never legally recognized as spouse by anyone! Note "forever". This punishment is as immortal as Ninoursag is! And that only the woman is punished. Enlil is not anathematized. Otherwise Enki would have said it. Let's read Sitchin: (Lost book of Enki - ed Bear and Co - Page 112 and 113).
"Now this is the account of Enki, Enlil and Ninmah, 
Their loves and espousals and by their sons the rivalries.
Offspring of Anu the three leaders were, by different mothers were they born. 
Enki was the firstborn son ; a concubine of Anu was his mother.
Enlil by Antu the spouse of Anu, was born ; the Legal Heir he thus became.
Ninmah by another concubine was mothered, a half sister of the two half brothers she was.
The firstborn daugther of Anu she was, by her name-title Ninmah this was indicated.
Greatly beautiful she was, full of wisdom, one quick to learn. 
Ea, as Enki then was named, by Anu to espouse Ninmah was chosens,
Thereby their offspring son the legal successor thereafter to become.
Ninmah of Enlil, a dashing commander, was enamored.
By him she was seduced, into her womb his seed he poured
A son from Enlil's seed she bore, Ninurta the two have named him.
By the deed was Anu angered ; as punishment he Ninmah ever to be a spouse forbade ! 
Ea his bride-to-be by Anu's decree abandoned, a princess named Damkina he instead espoused ; A son, an heir, to them was born ; Marduk they name him, One in a Pure Place Born, it meant. As for Enlil, a son not by espousal he had, a spouse by his side to be he did not have. It was on Earth, not on Nibiru, that Enlil became espoused."
It is understandable that Anu was annoyed by such a situation. But what overreaction ! This act of unforgivable disobedience for him entails an irrevocable decision like all his "decree". Everyone must submit. He decrees the fate of everybody. It is a dictatorship. The psychology of the future "biblical unique god" is here clearly shown : anger, grudge, disproportionate condemnation, favoritism, male chauvinism.
With us, he rather sends his henchmen instead of getting involved.
Or he chooses to put "the fate" in the front line.
Indeed he decides to rely on fate when it's about the rivalries between Enki and Enlil. He draw straws to see who will rule that (region above the 30th parallel) or that region (regions below the 30th parallel).
A father worthy of that name, besides who is "god"  and thus has activated 100 % of his brain should demonstrate more common sense, integrity and wisdom. He should have tried to reason with Enlil. It is in the 4th tablet of Lost Book of Enki that we are told about this "drawing lots". Then it's interesting to notice that some times after this grotesque decision, Anu loses his testicles.
Maybe Life was angry with him because of too many injustices ? He dispossesses his son Ea-Enki for the second time of his legitimate inheritances and then he loses his capacity to procreate?! His inconsequence, his injustice towards Enki suddenly deprives him of procreating. What a bizarre coincidence ! 
Once more, let's read Lost Book of Enki, page 92:
"... Aloud to the two a startling suggestion he made ; 
Who to Nibiru for the throne seat shall return, who the Edin shall command, who in the Abzu shall be the master, 
Let us three, I with you, by lots determine ! 
Silent were the brothers, the audacious words by surprise them overtook. 
Let us draw lots ! Anu said. By the hand of fate let there be a decision ! 
The three, father and two sons, clasped their hands together. 
They cast lots, by the lots the tasks they divided : 
Anu to Nibiru to return, its ruler on the throne to remain
 The Edin to Enlil was allotted, to be Lord of the Command as his name indicated,
More settlements to establish, of the skyships and their heroes charges to take,
Of all the lands until they the bar of the seas encounter, the leader to be. 
To Ea the seas and the oceans as his domain were granted,
Lands beyond the bar of the waters by him to be governed,
In the Abzu to be the master, with ingenuity the gold to procure. 
Enlil with the lots was agreeable, the hand of fate he with a bow accepted. 
Ea's eyes filled with tears, of Eridu and the Edin he wished not to be parted. 
Let Ea forever Eridu as his home retain, Anu to Enlil was saying,

Let his being the first to splash down forever be remembered,
 Let Ea as Earth's master be known ; Enki, Earth's master let his title be !  
His father's words Enlil with a bow accepted, to his brother he thus said : 
Enki, Earth's master, your title name shall henceforth be. I Lord of the Command shall be known".
A small consolation was this title for Ea !

Ea-Enki came on Earth in mission with his 50 heroes. He went through many difficulties and worked hard. But it is still not enough.

Enlil, career military and authoritarian, (his management brought the revolt of the Igigis who, for one part will be the future "angels-spies" of Anu. The other part will join Enki.) got a power which belonged not rightfully to him. All which was built in these ancient times was built by Enki and his Anunnakis ("those who came on Earth" and you will note that it's not "those who FELL on Earth")
Question: Ea-Enki, future Ptah of Egypt, Light Bearer, did he have to bow to such a fate?
To think or believe that Enki would give up all he had built and created in a so ridiculous drawing lots would prove to have understood nothing to his nature.

Can you think, if us, Human beings, drew lots our presidents, our bosses, and tomorrow our wifes and husbands ! In the four corners of the universe, one would laugh at us ! Anu takes responsibility for nothing and thinks of getting oneself out of trouble with some diplomatic title given with a proud condescension to his first-born of whom apparently he is jealous for his ingenuity, wisdom and courage ?
If Enki had given in to fate, since a long time he would have let Men perish by the Flood, cataclysms, the enslavement of body and soul by the Evil ones, the Conservatives of Nibiru with their clique.

Fate can be changed.
It can also be used as springboard for the emergence of Truth, the one that very few people can face because too disturbing.
In The Lost Book, all the future confrontations between the Father and the Son are already written.
It seems to me that everything was made by Life to lead Enki to this rebellion against the Father. 
As if he had to be the scientific and affectionate arm of Life, to create and then to father THE race, US.

Because there is another character in these tablets dictated by Enki, thousands years ago : Life, what the Anunnakis call the "God of All" or still " the invisible hand ".
We shall study this surprising aspect in our next message.

Sunday, January 28, 2018


Contact : from the 25th to the 29th of April and from the 22th of November to the 22th of December
Planet : Venus
Element : Earth
Polarity : Day - Yang
Materials : Copper
Candles : Black
Plant : Ivy
Barbatos is a noble God, distinguished, pleasant, tall, well built and very attractive with his long blond hair. His tanned skin emphasize his beautiful blue eyes, blue like a sky in summer.
On one hand, his name’s etymology means : «the one who has influence», «the one who has power » and on the other hand « deep down inside the human being ».
We find the sanskrit root ashti which refers to the bone structure, «which remains the longest after death». It’s a little bit like within his name was already some immortality. Alan Rey also conveys the idea of guru (1), of master and mastery. This seems very logical for such a God.

In old Romanian language, for example, «barbatos» means «virile» and
in Acadian French, «Barban» means «wolf». Sooner or  later, whatever study is carried out,  the symbolic of our Goddesses and Gods will always rise. Indeed, not everything can be erased.

Barbatos is a great sea God who, aboard his vessel-ship, crossed the oceans many times, and not only the oceans we know today but also the ancient ones, before floods, shocks and attacks.
Very active after the Earth’s attack by the Evil ones,
he undertook to act "under the radar" with Andras, but not only.

They settled headquarters on islands near Mesoamerica :
in Andros (run by Andras who gave his name to this piece of land)
in Barbados (run by Barbatos who gave his name to this piece of land)
They fought for a very long time against Evil, cruelty, genocides of peoples, including with
their respective astral bodies when they returned to Orion.

A large area of Europe (
places called nowadays Romania-Wallachia, Moldavia, the Carpathian Mountains, Transylvania etc.) supported their fight. For these beings of yesteryear, the world was inhabited by giants, the Urioni and their faithful  or Letinis, later called « pagans » by we know who. (2)
In fact, since 7 to 8000 years ago, we find in these lands some tumuli (Olt Valley), advanced funeral rites, a flourishing agriculture and many statuettes of females and sophisticated ornaments. It’s the obvious trace of our Goddesses and Gods, who left behind them beauty,  refinement and sophistication, and a particularly rich symbolism everywhere they went. Some represent certain eastern Indo-European tribes.
The Cucuteni culture reminds some memories concerning Ukraine.

Observe on the opposite page (3) for example, a small statuette representing the Goddess of
fertility : the closed rune Ing, the diamond shaped rune, rune of gestation and pregnancy, with the four points of the four directions and the four elements within it. While this people were called «primitive»  they had rather  a surprising knowledge of runes… And the «legs» of the statuette closed at the bottom in a shape of triangle, planted, grounded in Mother Earth, but also the phallus turned upside down… 

Let’s get back to the Island of Barbados.
It probably seems a bit too easy to link a name -even a divine one- to an island, even if the coincidence is that big ? Just look at the island’s flag : a blue and yellow background, Neptune’s trident on it. Colors and symbols of Enki-Shiva.

Wikipedia explains that in 1650, 80% of the white population was gathered there and adds that the name of the island has its roots in the beard of its inhabitants or the shape of the island itself… Don’t forget about the geographical location of this island, which was inhabited by Amerindians from two thousand years BC, especially by Venezuelans, as we call them today. They were the Arawaks of yesteryear. Because very quickly once our Gods left the Earth, nations, societies and states of mind degenerated and sometimes to complete annihilation.

Barbatos’s wife is the great Goddess Bim (Bime) nicknamed Bune. (4)

Barbatos especially appreciates the sun’s transit in the sign of Sagittarius, sign of the bow and archer.
Indeed, sagittarius means archer, arrow maker in Latin, sagitta meaning the arrow or anything shaped like an arrow. 
In French, since 1119, sagittarius refers to a centaur ready to shoot with a bow : sajetaire : centaure (5)
But this reference isn’t right.
In fact, the Sagittarius is a WINGED horse on which
rides Rudra, the great Archer God. With his bow, he shows the way, the elevation, the Knowledge and the target…Orion, Betelgeuse and all its power, its great power, because being the ninth brightest star of the galaxy. Not two bodies physiologically interlinked, one being a horse, the other a human.
This is why, in ancient times, the sign of Sagittarius had Rudra as great symbol (another aspect of Shiva and Odin, both are the same God) riding Sleipnir who will later become Pegasus. And combined two elements, Air and Fire, just like the Scorpio combines Water and Fire, thereby offering Igneous Water of Knowledge (Kundalini).  

The Greeks, very forgetful about their true Gods, changed  Rudra on his horse into a centaur, half horse, half human, nevertheless still holding a bow in his hand.
Later on, especially in Thessaly, the centaur became a forest and mountain spirit. You will agree that this is very simplistic.
Finally, Homer, filled with a vile inspiration, is responsible of having made this centaur evil, coarse and sex maniac !
Not to forget the transmutation of god Chiron/Charon, great healer in a « good centaur ».
They are not the same Being, otherwise why would they be called by the same name if the goal is not to create chaos and confusion ?
Actually once more, the beauty and elevated teaching had to be sullied and reduced to obsessive filth, to repulsive dirt.
It is enough to read my writings about horses in my books to understand the immense extent of Rudra on his winged mount, especially after the transit of the Sun in Scorpio. 


Like always, Rudra-Shiva shows the way : via the bow and the shot arrow. Which, by the way, is the original glyph of the sign, clearly refering to the rune Tyr. Now Sagittarius is the sign of human justice AND especially the justice of Gods, notably Rudra’s justice, future Kalki…
So the arrow targets Orion. Connecting, persisting in having a precious contact with this constellation instantly enlightens our minds with an unexpected knowledge.
The bow : a great symbol of our Gods.
Shiva-Rudra represents the archer god, Apollon has his own, 
to only mention them.The bow is evocative of the Lingam. Even more, the bow, the string and arrow form the three stars of Orion which are slightly bent. And the three great, divine, principal worlds.  
More accessible in our bodies, the body, soul and spirit. So, the bow sings, vibrates, lives…
The archer possesses the secret, that of the target’s choice, a target hit right in the heart to get a better hold on it.

This occasional union between the divine rider and his mount reveals an openness to telepathy with animals, something that, besides, Barbados teaches.
The contact between the human and the animal worlds is possible and even encouraged, thanks to the expansion of the capabilities of our minds,  seriously damaged nowadays.

Finally, Barbatos explains to us the need of oneself’s alignement, of crucial concentration, of inescapable vision, the eagle’s vision, so that we will never fail our mission : reaching, contacting, understanding Orion, of which the three main stars form… a bow.
The sigil of this great God shows these three levels, the central cross, heart chakra, star of Venus, the chakra lines, the chakras, the Serpent/Kundalini…
Barbatos soothes the worst physical and psychological
pains, because he knows everything about the human soul. He brings back peace at home, between couples, friends, communities, countries because he knows everything about the human ego. He teaches every kind of sciences from the most improbable to the most famous ones to those who wish to evolve towards the Truth.

Without comprehending the Earth, its true story and what it offers and contains, without comprehending the Love that Life feels for herself, Knowledge will remain blurry, limited and contradictory.  


Sources and references
(1) dictionnaire historique de la langue française - Alain Rey - Editions le Robert - page 323
(2) histoire des roumains et de leur civilisation - Nicolas Lorga.
(3) the images bought and studied  will be found in the volume 3 of the Gods.
(4) petite encyclopédie des merveilles - les Déesses - tome 1
(5) dictionnaire historique de la langue française - Alain Rey - Editions le Robert - page 3354

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Contact : From 9th to 13th of February
Zodiacal degrees : 20-24° of Aquarius
Planets : Jupiter and 4 of its moons
Elements : Earth
Polarity : Night - Yin
Materials : Nickel - Silver
Candles : Silver (not grey) and Gold

We have here yet another very handsome God, tall and well built, who is very impressive by his stature and natural nobility.
Andrealphus has deep and benevolent large blue grey eyes. He has his magnificent dark blond hair blowing in the wind and rides a small self-made energy ship whose shape reminds the glyph of planet Jupiter.

Serious but kind, calm, patient but cheerful, Andrealphus, like many other Gods, saw his own name being distorted and corrupted during the dark ages.
Andro-Alpheus, polyvalent, visionary, God of great knowledge enjoys, loves and praises Life.
Andro-alpheus is his real name which means « among the first male warriors ».
In his sacred name, the greek root « phôs » stands for light and brightness. Which perhaps explains the blue, gold and silver sparkles of his splendid aura.

I could only get a few informations from him. The one he could have been long before remains his secret garden. He is like those Goddesses and Gods who wish to see their students going towards them because of feelings, affection and affinities and not because they know their famous names of yesteryear.
Needless to say that I didn’t insist, too happy to get those few precious informations that nevertheless came to me.

Andro-Alpheus is one of Poséïdon’s sons. He commands to the Water element with great ease, makes sources emerge from the depths of the Earth and has for mission that we never lack of spring water, potable water.
As a God so strongly linked with Water, he nourishes streams and rivers, seas and oceans with a healing and soothing energy. Those, who plunge into these, benefit from them even when staying close to the shore. But this healing is only offered to those who are living the great Values of Enki on their daily life.

Our Gods often have one or two predilection elements. Andro-Alpheus also likes the Earth element, powerful receptacle which hosts the great Waters. The Earth being unfortunately very damaged by the insanity of a collapsing world.
Amazing dike builder, Andro-Alpheus protected many populations against the rising Waters  by soothing them at his best.

Generous, great teacher with great pedagogy and using the right metaphors to help quickly comprehending Mysteries, Andro-Alpheus commands to the Peacocks, sacred animals in Enki’s world, because owners of those eight-hundred eyes that sense and see all the way into the depths of souls.

So Andro-Alpheus’s totem animal is the Peacock. He appears most of the time wearing silk blue clothes, similar to the blue of the Peacock’s neck.

Which emphasizes his beautiful eyes and his powerful stature. With an oval and very smooth face, Andro-Alpheus shows great serenity, even when it comes to this world’s pain. Victory has already occurred in his dimension and is coming closer and closer to ours. Thereby he reassures us about the near end of Evil on Earth.
Another of his favorite animals is the frog.
Humid and linked to water, this amphibian brings luck and fertility. With its leaps, it teaches Humanity the absolute need of change, to dare jumping ahead and leap across the well-known Rubicon.

Andro-Alpheus inhabited planet Jupiter for a long time.

Our Goddesses and Gods lived on the entire solar system et far beyond.
With His Legions He built a massive city with tremendous temples and large, bright houses inspired by the Peacock’s colors. A blue-green city of incredible beauty.
Huge Peacock’s feathers protected the entrance of the Temples.
Everywhere lapis-lazuli, malachite, gold and silver. Not because of eccentricity and arrogance. Simply because this city vibrated with the very high frequency of these pure stones, free from any dirt.
Our Goddesses and Gods came from everywhere to admire such a city dedicated to Enki, Father of the Gods and Father of Humans, because the first one to understand the incredible symbolic of this animal. And to pay tribute to its incredible beauty.

On Earth, Andro-Alpheus was the founder of the Universities of Mathematics and of sacred Alchemy before they got ruined, along with their millions of amazing books and documents. But true Knowledge never gets lost, because it vibrates in each of our Goddesses and Gods, being forever a living and active part of their DNA.

Andrealphus is a great warrior, especially by the Knowledge, his willpower to teach and raise. Knowledge frees, unties chains and supports strongly, everywhere and always the beacon of Truth, unalterable diamond.